The  Zombie Evasion is a CHIP-TIMED 5km individual and team event! 

Run fast! Zombies will be on the chase - but be aware of your surroundings – the area is infested.
You never know where they will appear.

If you make it through the course with any of your flags left, you've finished "alive"! If the zombies take all of your've become infected and will finish as a part of the "undead".


 ZE individuals


The goal is to survive!  Don't let the zombies catch you/your health flags!  If you cross the finishline with no flags - your time gets dumped into the 'undead' results lt.  Crossing the line with 1 flag?  You got off with your life!

Crossing the line with both?  You're a superstar and can now save the world from the zombie infestation.

Race the 5k as as a Survivor or Zombie! Zombies give the survivors a head start and break loose to catch the pack!

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 ZE teams


Zombies or Survivors, You can race as a team of 4!  Male, female, coed - doesn't matter!  Pick 3 others who are ready for some fun!

As 'Survivors' your goal is to survive....together!  Team members can pass their flags as needed, to their team captain. Act together as 'meat shields' to ensure that your captain crosses the line with both flags. Zombie Chaser have one goal - brains!


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